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Like Literally

Feeling Fickle

by Julio Nickels

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BPM 05:33
I skipped the fall and counted down I left you all and turned around It’s been a long time I left before it all came down I woke to you holding me holding you Look now: Bowery. New Years. Nightfall. I should’ve known that soon You’d wear it like a wound Knowing boys lie too I left a comment that said turn it down I touched the glass and it kind of turned me on No way up, no way down. Free fall I’ll skip the part when I got my start Bouncing round all the back rooms and city lots You brought the comma and oh god I caught the full stop I should’ve known that soon You’d wear it like a wound Knowing boys lie too Me, I’m trying to think over this techno Me, I’m trying to think over this
When the night won’t stop Never here means never there You tell ‘em you’re staying put But the light won’t lie Karma connection Call it anything you want Oh my god It’s tearing me apart You’re a troubled little mint I’m sorry for everything When the signs won’t lie Never here means never there For a state or county line No thought will survive Memories of ponytails Spinning in the light Oh my god It’s tearing me apart You’re a troubled little mint Found the trucker speed and you’re selling it You’re a leather bound love and you’re loving it You’re lost and back where you first started Oh my god It’s tearing me apart Some twenty minutes on It’s the longest that you got From where we’ve been To you where you think you’re headed
Alone in the dark Like a lullaby Say it out loud Like you don’t know why I stuck around Made a mess at best You were the last to sigh that night: I outlived myself. Born in the club And you don’t know why There’s art on the walls I made art in the stall I used to play Maybe two sets a week Wait, you're not the band from the bill You're not the singer from the stage My stride is state wide I never step outside Ask where I’m from And I’ll point to the ground Not beyond here and still outta reach Like a breeze in the high desert heat Was the look she gave me I believe in the songs I believe that support can come in all forms I believe in the saints I believe the best sets can go unheard
Memory be good to me I walk with a limp, some call it a strut Never forgotten, never messed with Nomads in the light are omens at night I’m on laundromat time And quarters are fine Like the shapes on your shirt Our choices can hurt Memory be good to me You did what you could and sold if off fast To love is a lie and to lie means love Through the cracks you can see to those underneath I’m on laundromat time And quarters are fine Like the shapes on your shirt Our memories hurt New days be good to us
We Deliver 03:49
Back on the run and we’re born on the lam Notice my hands in the dark Both the same It's okay Broke a bottle on the bridge like it was a ship Kind of pissed when we didn't move at all When we didn't float away We got romantically detained Loving the rhythm but losing the feeling Where did we all come apart If you tell it like a statement They'll go easy on the questions Fighting the wind and the voices for days I don’t feel much like I thought Indicate Say my name Wine and liquor, we always deliver Anything you need round back Sail away my friends Sail away to the end I know you’re trying or was it just dying These are the sounds that we make I know you’re trying or was it just dying Not much more now we could say I know we’re trying or was it just dying I nearly checked myself in
I was built to last and built to fall Rounded the corner Punched in the face Waiting for a breeze under Joshua trees I follow bass No use for the beat So turn to the west Now turn to your left Ask me why I’m here Ask me why anywhere I was so far gone, so out to sea I was so far gone, so out of reach I call from the Port Authority Midtown lost and found is where we meet I love like a mountain You move like a cloud All restroom scents And French cigarettes Build me a mystery Some way it all could be Circle around me Buy me a history Kids tend to scare me
He looked at me with one dead eye Asked for an exit hiding in plain sight I was lost between state lines Like a bouncer on a bike Never safe when it’s not the motorized kind I came to in a side stage room Slipping on the grenadine Slow to stand on the concrete Light to dark, night to day Follow the handrails So alive with nothing to say They called themselves the grace notes For a few years on now No one really got the joke But every time they showed up To this metal machine club I watched confused Five nights, tens sets No love at the exits Buybacks. No tips. We’d walk around to settle down Not quite holding hands now Love is not quite letting go They called themselves the grace notes Always hard to follow No sound from the stage No life on the range
They found me on the old river walk Under the bridge at dawn They found me committed Aging like a speed limit They found me out Playing for hooks I was paid off the books Spread out like a map on the street Oil and water at my feet Mix it fast and swirl it all round No room for light, no room for sound
Merchandise 03:20
Awake in a tidal wave Hardly ever knew the seasons change Today in a metal cage I watch your band from an authorized stand I’m a relic. I’m a random I show up like a ransom then I tried and died here I read the sizes still Count by hand and sort at the van By the loading dock Sea of rocker vests and the digital clock Love your chorus More than one versus is so combative Four paid at the gate I watched some guy drink salsa straight No time to commiserate Never any space at municipal dates


released July 12, 2019

Written by Julio Nickels
Produced by Johannes Buff at End Note in Bayonne, France


all rights reserved



Julio Nickels New York, New York

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